Nelson - L.o.v.e Me Not

Текст песни Nelson - L.o.v.e Me Not

Started with a glimmer in your baby doll eyes
Worked it with your shimmer then made off with the prize
Made and broke the covenant we found ourselves in
Baptized in the waters of original sin

Give me an L for the loser that you'd swore I'd never be
An O as in over - just like you and me
I need a V as in victim, which is just what I am
An E for education ‘cause I just don't understand
How could I give you the best I got
And it all still spells L.O.V.E. me not

Medicating words just added fluid to the flame

The king awoke to find he'd been a pawn in your game
Well, little miss spider, you can get out and gone
But the house is on fire, and the children are alone


Hypnotized by the lies of a true believer
You gave me a crash course in my A.B.C. - ‘ya's
I should've known it's all been just a game
Now that you're gone, who'll take the blame?


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