Nelson - Rhapsody

Текст песни Nelson - Rhapsody

[Verse 1: Nelson]
What a predicament, it really is indicative
Of the way we’re living in, this city of a million sins
That’s derivative, you’d think that if imprisonment’s definitive
These little kids, wouldn't act so primitive
It’s indiscriminate
Creed, colour, or kind
Each brother will find
Freedom is resigned
Eventually to fall, to the side
While all the empty suits have got your balls in a vice

But now I’m seeking liberation
So I speak with indignation
Through the speakers in rotation
As the vinyl’s spinning
My mind is sprinting a mile a minute
Indeed he’ll feed his kids, even if it requires sinning
From an ivory tower grinning
They judge and it’s a travesty
‘Cause judging doesn’t work, ask Trayvon Martin’s family
Used to be hunger now it's voracity
‘Cause when I was younger each rap was like a rhapsody
He runs towards the light, but he can’t escape the darkness
‘Til his soul leaves his body, and the maggots eat his carcass
We are part of, the most glorious story to ever unravel
Wherever I travel, I herd like holly cattle, I’m baffled
The illusion, they scream for revolution
Dreadlocked in coffee shops and what not, its real pollution
Che Guevara’s on a sweatshop made top, don’t be stupid? (Are you dizzy blad?)
Right here in this nightmare, I swear it’s lucid

We smoked in the back allies of suburbia, the individuality murder
Kids vandalise out of apathy and inertia
In this bubble thinking the struggles of the world are here, Yeaaaaaaaah
I peddle through the streets some, nights
And the red and blue shines you might see some, lights
I casually navigate through this inner-city labyrinth
The concrete beast can swallow you whole, as long as you know

I advocate emancipation
Leap deep into the see of knowledge, from off the slave ship
My middle passage unravels minds like it was acid
But mine is in a placid state
The grind can make a basket case
Hurting brash youths in the trap
‘Cause for pound sterling stab wounds in your back
Cry till eyes dry, pray to whatever saviour
Child dies in high rise will never make the papers

What a perplexity
We drop bombs like ecstasy
On our alleged enemies
And that’s why I rap till I gasp breathlessly
Because our taxes pay for death and that’s stressing me
And I am yet to see, why lads want to be players like Kennedy (Mr President)
But if a lady does the same thing it’s a felony
He said he spoke like a lullaby I must confess
Floats like a butterfly stung like saying let’s just be friends

Think he needs to lay off
Cos thinking never pays
Find a dime with a smile to turn the hardest guy way soft
She said divorce rates rise these ain’t the times for love
At least our kids will get two birthday presents that’s alright for some
You need to lighten up, life is but a quiz
And the meaning of life’s to find a reason to live
There’s no chance for a hopeless romance, or a hopeless romancer
I just hope you quote my dope stanzas

(Rhapsody ladies and gentleman)

I’ll be the

One to, set you free for now
Cause every time I spit a verse you know I make it count (x2)

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