Nelson - She Gets Down

Текст песни Nelson - She Gets Down

I am mommys naughty boy

Her misbehavin pride and joy

Ill sin then shell punish me for my wicked ways

Ive disobeyed and now Ive got to pay


(she gets down) my girl gets me down on my knees

(low down) wont stop till I beg and I plead

(she gets down) I need to walk on the wilder side

So my girl gets down on me

Out of sight but not of mind

Lurking in my darker side

Fantasies torture me - strange perversities

My love is like pandoras box

And my mistress holds the key


(she gets down) my girl tames the monster in me

(low down) she knows how to give what I need

(she gets down) she controls my sexual greed

So I let my girl get down on me

I get my pleasure from the pain

But if nasty habit gossip spreads

What would the neighbors say?

(hurts so good)

Q: "are you ready for me senator? "

A: "yes mistress."

(like it should)

Q: "have you been nice, or have you been naughty? "

A: "ive been a bad boy mistress."

(hurts so good)

Q: "you know Im going to have to punish you

Dont you? "

A: "oh, do what you must."


(she gets down) my girl- she dont do it for free

(low down) I pray that she keeps it discreet

(she gets down) "cause no one knows

The life that I lead at night

When my girl gets down on me

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