Neneh Cherry - Cynical

Текст песни Neneh Cherry - Cynical

Pullin all the weight to trick a path
Moves are some impervious at last
Good things comes to those who wait
I saw you when you were brought in here

I was in your love for so very long
And I can't save you
If I had to bring you back I think
By no means I could save you

Don't think I'm so cynical now
I've found my ground
We will prevent your system
Put it around
Don't think I'm so cynical now
I've found my sound
We will prevent your system

Pick up everything recycle trash
And minimize all my carbon ash

Footprint fingered on my clothing lights
Instant strobe when we may own the night



I know what the art to go on is
Hard dry paints put on the canvass
Why you waiting over there on the phone?
Who you think is gonna call ya?
It's a mountain of relief up above ya
Someone's gotta love ya
Phone's gotta sing pictures of indictments
Suck it up to know come entrapment
Just grease for your heart and food for your thoughts
And someone to uphold ya
It's grab what you need or the living makes you bleed
I'm keeping it in order


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