Neneh Cherry - Heart

Текст песни Neneh Cherry - Heart

Out of control

Mmm - stick it where it hurts

Girl, Ill be peeling you off the ceiling. thats right hee hee

Ladies and gentlemen - neneh cherry

Well you laughed at me right in my face

At the wrong time and in the wrong place

You turned around and said "im all shook up"

Said to me "im your sweet buttercup" youre lying, youre lying, begging him to stay and crying

Youre lying, youre lying, youre never satisfied


Heart, heart you cant break my heart

Hard, hard you think youre so hard

If you meant what you did it wouldnt been half as bad

But you did it in spite and that just isnt right

You took my man and didnt mean it

But you did it to hurt my feelings

What I should do is slap you in your face

You left me here with a pain below my waste

You lose a guy you move into the larder

You got no style, why dont you try a little harder

Chocolates, bananas, doughnuts and salami

Aint gonna fit cause youre full of bologna


Only back alley rats take other peoples cats

And then strike back, that isnt where Im at

Anyway, its gonna get you anyway

Anyday, Im gonna get you, get you


I thought you were my friend. god, youre so digital girl.

Youre like one of those cabbage patch creatures - dj

You burn the candle at both ends

Youre gonna feel the heat

If everything you do comes back to you

By now youd be dead meat

You took my man and took his body strapped him to your bed just to have his baby

Everybody knows youre a phoney

You just want his alimoney


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