Neneh Cherry - Red Paint

Текст песни Neneh Cherry - Red Paint

On a table lies the crust of what he

Had and just leaves behind

As I put bread down on the list of things

That I had to buy

By the store leaves your mountain bike

You on the floor still looking hard core

The colour is read under my show

And the friend is gone who put a hole

In you

Insensitivity took a hold of me

And I felt it colour me blue inside

And I left taking a part of you

Like red red paint on the sole

Of my shoe nothing to do with

Common sense or


Sensitivity. Im feeling cold

Like concrete

Your dignitys reflecting

In the way I feel it

Open minded. the thoughts are clear

From feeling regardless. heart beats

With pain

You were oh so happy just the other day

Now heartbeats with pain took it all away

The cradle did rock for you too

Looking out from the inside

While life turns to blue

Watching all the glass faces

Leave their red red footprints

On our


By the store lays your mountain bike

You on the floor no more hard core

The colour was red under my shoe

And the friend has gone

Who put a whole in you

Guided by the blue light that

Takes you away Im on my way home

Guided by the blue light

That takes you away

Im on my way home

Guided by the blue light

Im on my way home...

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