Neneh Cherry - Trout

Текст песни Neneh Cherry - Trout

You can find some time to be someone

Like a valentine for a lonely soul

You can treat me like a fool

And hate-

Some love brings me down

Some love turns me round and round

And round and round

And round and round and round and round and round

Is it something that I said

Is it something that I did

Is it something that i, that I got

In my head

Laying in my bed is so real

cause I know what I feel

But together we stand and together

We lay

Hey listen to the voice of experience

This is how I live tomorrow and today

Listen to the voice of experience

Thats how I live

Stop the beat. listen to the melody

Round and round and round and round

Huh, yeah I know when I got the feeling

A feeling of love knocking on my door

First there was fifty and then there was more

What a bore then there was none

Now theres one cause Im a lucky one

Feelings of love Ive got feelings of affection

Come on and give it to me give it with protection

Theres no time were out of luck

The law says we cant talk about a ---?



Round and round and round

Round and round and round

Round and round and round

Round and round and round

Round and round and round

But I need some s-e-x-e-d-u-c-a-t-i-o-n yeah

Sex education

For the people ya all

Parents and teachers get together get cool

Children need to learn about sex

In school

Children need to learn about sex in school

You think they dont do it? ?

Dont get fooled

Parents dont turn your back on the pack

Teachers want to teach but the law says whack

Dont let your kid get caught

Without a jimmy hat

And thats just the start

Take it to the heart

Of the matter

Talk about it talk about it

Sister sister, kissing by the tree

Ripe right for picking something sweet

Brother brother whats it gonna be


Teacher, teacher, teacher teach us s-e-x

Teach it to us stupid without the fx

Teacher teach us with your abcs

Rollin on the alphabet Im gonna

Get to z.


A b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s e x e d u c a t I o n

Ad lib and chorus to fade...

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