N.E.R.D. - Fly or Die

Fly or DieN.E.R.D.3:31

Текст песни N.E.R.D. - Fly or Die

[Intro - Pharrell Williams]
Uhh huh, uhh huh, uhh huh, fly!
WHOO! WHOOOO! This is for the kids!
This is only for the kids!!

[Verse - Pharrell]
Mommy! Daddy! I know, you love me
Bad grades, Playstations
Restrictions, you take it from me
But God forbids, something goes wrong
You call, the police
Well guess what! I found
In the drawer, of Daddy's

[Chorus - Pharrell & (Shae)]
Oh God (oh God!) ohh God (oh God!)
Oh God (oh God!) Hey! (c'mon!)
It won't be long, till you see me on the news!!
Another soul lost at sea - while taking a cruise!!
Gasping for air makes the righteous path - harder to choose
What if he'd fly or die! sink or swim!
Which one shall I choose?!?! (yeah!)

[Verse - Pharrell]
Stupid shrink - give fade, by the hour - 350

He can't - figure out, what's wrong - with me
Dumbass - girlfriend, fuck my friend - she's a ho
I tried telling - mom and dad
But they're more concerned - with the poor falling out


[Verse - Pharrell] + (Shae)
Now I'm in with - the negotiatior
And he says to me (you don't want to die boy)
(It's not the right time, you have a bright mind)
(You'll do great things in your lifetime)
I screamed NO!! I beat his ass
He turned around, I seen his wings
And just then, the bell rings
I was in school, it was just a dream!!


[Outro - Pharrell]
It won't be long..
Gasping for air makes the righteous path - harder to choose
Fly or die! sink or swim!
Which one shall I choose?!?! (yeah!)

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