N.E.R.D. - Life As A Fish

Life As A FishN.E.R.D.2:36

Текст песни N.E.R.D. - Life As A Fish

First they say the angels sang
And then - the big bang
That was the first day, there's six more
From organisms to single cells
Mu-tate to shells
Then mutate into spores, on
Dry land (dry land)
Where the living scream "diamonds!" ("diamonds!")
By the seventh day, he rested as he looked at them
Those men, those men...
Guess it's safe to say that they don't know
Since they're not alone
And there's no dusk or dawn
As they ne-ver washed ashore
But of course, what for?
Who cares what lies beyond, on
Dry land (dry land)

Where the living scream "diamonds!" ("diamonds!")
They see our boats, say "Oh no, not them again!"
And scream "Swim! Just swim!"
So while the federal buildings blow (explosion sfx)
Below, fish glow
How love-ly that must be
You should've listened to Jacques Cousteau
Don't say you know
Stop sendin' your trash to sea, leave it on a
Dry land (dry land)
Where the living scream "diamonds!" ("diamonds!")
He made this world, took it and gave it back again
And we learned no-thing...

Nothing, we learned, w-we learned nothing, right?

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