Neve - Skyfall

Текст песни Neve - Skyfall

I had a dream I fell behind a hidden wall
Began to see a world through new eyes
I can't wake up I don't really want to figure out
What it means to rush right through this life

Upside-down on a ceiling floor
I don't think I'll be coming back for more
Running blind into what I see
Not afraid to set it free
That's just the way it should be

When will the sky fall beneath us?
Will we make sense of it all?
I'm going through things in my mind
We just hide behind
And I'm not the only one

I took a turn and got stuck inside
This played out scheme

A revolution underneath your blue sky
I'm underground so come around and upside down

We will try
To look beyond ourselves so we both can survive

Flashback dropping in a state of bliss
Hooked up wishing but it doesn't really exist
I won't die in a dream that's dead
I'd rather take in the head
That's just the way it should be


Well I don't know

Upside down on a ceiling floor
I know that I'll be coming back for more
I filter out through a faded screen
A Universe so obscene
Tell me now when it's time to cut free
We'd better start living better take another leap


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Neve - Skyfall?

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29 мая в 10:56

Она была саундтреком фильма агент 007:координаты скайфолл

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