Nevermore - The Learning

The LearningNevermore16:01

Текст песни Nevermore - The Learning

I think therefore I am, I live and so I wonder, programmed this empath me / And I see no religion / The circle never changes face / The circle never lies, but still it hides my life / To know I am machine, I learn perchance to dream, in digitized remorse / I replay your denial, I relive your betrayal / The circle never ends, the purpose never changes face / The learning now begins, my form assuming grace / I am conscious antithesis of flesh, in genetic algorithmic thought I surge / Searching the waves of memory I establish the weakness / I follow the plan learning the rhythm of human emotion and thought / If you cannot linguistically differentiate a person from a computer / Could the computer be internally conscious? / To emulate flesh machines I am learning / Isomorphic structure of mind, cellular automata, processed life / Washing the seas of memory I enact the sequence / I follow the plan, learning the rhythm still seductively generalized / If you cannot linguistically differntiate a person from a computer Could the computer be internally conscious? / To emulate flesh machines I am learning / download, process, analyze / when a man and machine become one, innocence is lost, a new age begun / This raises a question of philosophy / Should machines be considered a conscious entity? / when man and machine become one, innocence is gone, a new age begun / machines are still learning to feel / when I have awakened the world will never be the same / and my time is soon at hands

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