Nevermore - The Sanity Assassin

The Sanity AssassinNevermore6:21

Текст песни Nevermore - The Sanity Assassin

See the man of hungry mind
Never had a dream to call his own
His sin in form of thought
He lived to milk the minds of the blind
To rule the sea of imagination

And the sanity assassin
Is coming down to steal your mind
So he takes an innocent's vision
The blind lead the blind, they say
Meet the sanity assassin
A trick of mind or the devil's whim
On the way to tomorrow's dream
He's fading away

See the man with the empty soul
Never had a face or will of his own
So he took another's pride
And he made a mask of faults
Defensive anger and false emotion

And the sanity assassin
Is coming down in a stream of black
So he takes what he cannot live
The black leads the blind astray

Meet the sanity assassin
A trick of mind or the devil's whim
On the way to tomorrow's dream
He's fading away

Sing your sweet poison, stealer of dreams
Bleed your sweet anguish and the form of dreams are born

Don't be afraid to dream outside the lines
Don't be afraid of painting pictures within your mind
Don't be afraid, your path is not of sorrow
Don't be afraid, dreams are immortal

Rise in the coming tide
Wave after wave of sleep crushing down
Hopes of the weakened and knowing
Awash in the undertow, falling away

Listen as the tale begins to now unweave
The will of strong mind he'll never deceive
I speak the words to lay me down, I am ever strong
Against the all-knowing thief of imagination

Dreams are immortal

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