Nevermore - Timothy Leary

Timothy LearyNevermore5:12

Текст песни Nevermore - Timothy Leary

A wise man came across the sea
In search of LSD philosophy
With open heart and open mind
To find the goodness in mankind
Bare your soul and you're saved
Believe the chosen that dreams in rage

Chemicals improve the view
Visions now have bloomed in you
Windowpane is suffered bliss
A psychedelic kiss
Show to me your ideology
Do you perceive or are you sleeping?

Timothy Leary, where are you now
The world needs you, we're going down

In translation they used the key
Altered visions, Tao Teh Ching

Open sky to paint their dreams
And see as did Lao Tzu
Melt away all the hate and pain
Mission is clear, awake the dreaming

Go to sleep child, and dream

When Timothy Leary first started speaking out in the sixties
people didn't understand what he was trying to say,
some people didn't want to understand him,
the establishment wanted to kill him,
they wanted to suppress him,
squash him like a bug,
we always want to kill what we do not understand,
all he was trying to say was that we need to realize our inner harmony,
to see things in a different way, to truly be free...

Electric religion

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Nevermore - Timothy Leary?

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24 октября в 00:01

Тоска о покинувшем нас гениальном мыслителе, чьи идеи были непоняты или поняты неправильно. О том, как мы позволяем убивать нашу внутреннюю свободу и идем, подобно зомби, сами не ведая куда

User comments

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