Nevers A Promise - lack of true design

Текст песни Nevers A Promise - lack of true design

fall down. in solid white display. where would we be without you? losing face to unmarked fears and failing hopes. just waiting. you're only tied to this. ropes pulled across your chain. forcing you to feel. bringing you to bear as the world explodes in your eyes, and around your head. just lock the stars in this embrace. falling for your questions, never trust misplaced. so sit and watch the blue-black sky swallow all you hold. on to everything I hand, poisoned waters, and nights to blend. phrasing soft words with every breath. with every breath i'll stay true. it's more than I can ask of anyone other than me. Sacred lives begin to bend of an empty remembrance. face down. seeing shades of colorblind. i'm breaking for you. never trust a question, always in its place. we're not promising the standard lines. listen, before it's gone. with every vicious side, bracing hands just to know we tried. whisper slowly, this time. we're screaming for reminders. we're starving for display. we're calling out for your words to say. replace this heart with softer words. we're waiting forever. everyone stop and follow sold lives. dream of endless quarters, never running out of time. we're burning intentions, so priceless to save. let the ash rain down tonight.

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