Nevertheless2726 - a return from mexico

Текст песни Nevertheless2726 - a return from mexico

So I guess it's the latter, you told me how much you felt the same about this distance But now I'm home and you'll be tired tonight when it was our time to shine together How does this work, my head it's thrown into the whirlwind Maybe you should not have too many before you talk cuz I buy in Then I get the opposite, I get the opposite everytime that I'm with you And I know these feelings to be bits of untruths The strength I find in you, only seems to be choked by these thorns I've found as well All is well the ends, but I wish I could forget you, all is well that ends forgotten my mind is trying to drill But I have a hard head, and heart, and you're in both And now I see you won't be leaving either place soon I'll try and deal with the tossing and turning, and cutting of some of my most fragel veins My veins of wisdom, hope, andunderstanding Mexican pay phone, I'm not gonna deny this anymore, I miss you, I like you, I want you here with me again Beach Hey baby, well we've made it, and I'm standing on this beach that seems somewhat like paradise, but it's missing the finishing touch, you next to me smiling. If that were real my heart would stop and you'd give me a kiss and say Boy don't leave me here alone, and I'd snap out of this mortal distguise and open my eyes to find the angel herself. And to find my heart duplicated in size and pumping blood through my veins proudly and consistently. And my mind telling me not to blink because it would be a goddamn shame to miss one sec of your eyes, smile, everything I hold so dear inside. till this pen finds the page again

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