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so the sage continues, out of the blue the strike comes of course, always as expected this tired head has found these tired hands, and these eyes remember this floor perfectly I can't stand to keep up with time, and this day will barely be made through I promise you it hurts losing everything and then looking in an eye to see everything meant nothing to her you always seem to run right when I think I might trying walking again but I fail with the retreat and you're eyes they jump out at me at night, you're the only constilation that made it out tonight I know that I have less than acceptable, my best is less than acceptable that makes sleep seem a futile task while my mind won't stop replaying our past and our kisses my God I miss your kisses but I will never be the one who walks beside you throughout life, sharing every precious memory cuz I will never be the star in your eye, I have nothing that you could ever find desireable just little old me sailing backwards in a sea, and all I see is everything I couldn't ever be just go to sleep tonight and dream those everything's alright types and wake no more not I go to sleep and die

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