New Edition - Bring Back The Memories

Текст песни New Edition - Bring Back The Memories

Baby you were in my


We were walking down

The street

Baby I heard in a melody

Its like a blast from the


Let our story take us back

To the way that it used to


Back to bobbys house and

Then my house

The asking whats your name

Pledging my love over soda pops

And loving you more and more


Let the dj play that special

Song again

Lets bring back the memories

Hey there lonely girl

Ill be your duke of earl

Cause thats how it used to


I keep thinking how it must

Have been

It wasnt so long ago

Everything was so simple then

When I loved you with all me

Heart and soul

In the book of love

Were a million to one

Lets bring back the memories

My earth angel

Leave a story to tell

Lets bring back these used to bes

I can make up each and every scence

Ill do-wop and then laugh at me

And Id like to rewrite my whole


With you by my side

In the still of the night

I want to know that youre mine

So bring back those memories

Bring back those memories

Were a thousand miles away

Bring back the memories

Earth angel

Earth angel

Will you be mine

Bring back the memories

Bring back the memories

(fade till end)

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