New Edition - Conference Call

Текст песни New Edition - Conference Call

Hello Mr.Payne this is the digital bell conference operator

[Brook Payne]
How you doin'

I have all the parties on the line with the exception of

[Brook Payne]

Would you like me to do a roll call?

[Brook Payne]

Ricky Bell

[Ricky Bell]
Yo what up

Ralph Tresvant

[Ralph Tresvant]
Yo I'm here

Ronnie DeVoe

[Ronnie DeVoe]

Johnny Gill

[Johnny Gill]
Yeah I'm here

Michael Bivins

[Michael Bivins]
Yeah I'm here, what up [?]

[Brooke Payne]
What up Mike


I don't mean to sound unprofessional, but are you guys New Edition?

[Ronnie DeVoe]
Yeah that's us baby

Oh cool
Okay if you could please hold , I'll try Mr.Combs again

[Brook Payne]
So what's up , how y'all feeling about this Bad Boy

[Ronnie DeVoe]
Man , I'm excited Bad Boy and NE , come on man that's history making

[Ricky Bell]
Eh yo , y'all know how I feel about it
We need to stop playing and go get this money

[Ronnie DeVoe]
That's what I'm saying Rick

[Ricky Bell]
That's what I think
If everything's right it will be big

[Johnny Gill]
What y'all really don't realize is that , I mean this shit
Sounds exciting and everything right now man, but you just wait till uh
We get to that point where we have some disagreements and y'all gonna
Really realize that y'all dealing with a whole different mothafucka man

[Michael Bivins]
Yo I hear what everybody's sayin , you know
On the real when I spoke to him last night you know
He called he was like yo what y'all doing
Like man we ain't doing nothing we trying to make an album
He was like yo I'm in put me in the bidding war

[Ricky Bell]
That's what I'm saying Mike you know
Let's just make this happen and it's all positive you know

Excuse me Mr.Combs has just been added to the call if you
Need any assistance dial 0

[Sean Combs]
Ey yo what up fellas
Y'all ready to make history
Let's do this

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