New Edition - Supernatural

SupernaturalNew Edition4:34

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Lookin for that big honey

Youll find only in a dream

I searched around and still cant find her

? ? ? to extreme

Turned around, she caught my eye

Tell me am I seein things

Just might be imagination

? ? ? and hauntin me

This woman (supernatural)

The way she looks (supernatural)

The way she moves her body (supernatural)

Everything about this honey is so supernatural


As I watch her move in closer

Perfect beauty she exceeds

Never question mother nature

Shes an angel without wings

Her extension fills my body

I reach out to hold her hand

Tried to grab it, cant get a handle

The girl is gone, she was never here

This woman, yeah (supernatural)

The way she looks, uh-huh (supernatural)

The way she moves her body (supernatural)

Something about that woman that makes me feel so good


The way she looks (supernatural)

Supernatural baby, yeah (supernatural)

Everything about this honey is so supernatural

Im tired of this cloud

Takin over the invisible force

Are they controllin me

Naw, thats a corny way I think

I take two beasts out to rethink

Im takin each in my dream

This is kind of extreme

Yo ron, help me out

You know what I mean

Yeah, biv

Its not that deep

Come go with me

And out that ghost to sleep

(? ? ? ) how shes possessin me

(? ? ? ) shes meta physical, super irical

(? ? ? ) might be imagination

(? ? ? ) cause everything about this, honey, I love


(supernatural) the way that she moves, mmm

(supernatural) theres no doubt about it, yeah, yeah

(supernatural) oh, I know heaven must have sent you from above

(supernatural), yeah...

(supernatural) ooh...hoo...hoo...ooh...

(supernatural) say, baby, say, baby

If Im dreamin, if Im dreamin please dont wake me up, yeah


(supernatural) see, I just wanna keep dreamin

(supernatural) everything I want in a woman

(supernatural) and I love her, and I love her, and I love...




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