New Found Glory - Sadness

Текст песни New Found Glory - Sadness

[Verse 1]
I'm not good enough I'm just clearing that up
Call me curious and I won't blame you for trying to cut me out
Your head is full of doubt, my mouth is full of blood
And you're winding down

But I won't get caught up on how it used to be
The thought of you with him will drive me crazy
I won't get caught up with following your lead
If half of the world comes crashing down on me

I know a thing know a thing about sadness
I know how it feels how it feels to be alone
It took more than time to heal the thorn in my side
Until you go through it yourself you'll never know([x2])

[Verse 2]
I'm not good enough I'll just
Spare you the details I'm making up
And I won't need you to ever come around
Here your everything I fear
The criminal stealing all my hope

But I won't get caught up on how it used to be
The thought of you leaving will drive me crazy
I won't get caught up following your lead
And even if I do you will only tell me


[Verse 3]
My heart sinks down in to my stomach
Its the taste of the end even if I don't want it
My eyes close don't know what I'm becoming
Just a shadow of the person that I was before

You can use my bones[x3]
If you want to put me
Back together again


I know a thing, know a thing about sadness[x2]

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