New Kids On The Block - Keep on Smilin

Текст песни New Kids On The Block - Keep on Smilin

... oh baby, yeah, girl, you always make me feel so good inside

What about you and me?

We were supposed to play for keeps. home grown from the streets,

The jungle in our reach

It aint about bein a hood

When you touch me like you should,

Ill rule every day

You let me in your world.


You see through of these years our love remains,

The moon will never let the tide go away

Through the pleasure and pain,

Through the sunshine and rain,

Baby, we keep on smilin

Through the laughter and tears

And all of the years,

Baby, we keep on smilin

Everybody says the same

Baby, keep smilin, smilin for me, come on now,

Baby, keep smilin, keep on smilin

Headin out to the beach,

Try to claim a few rays

Jump in the back seat,

Were gonna taste the grape,

Red and white they both go,

Were cruisin the way.

Thats right, pretty girl, no matter how hard things might get, you can always count on me.

Hey, you see...

Baby keep smilin...

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