New Kids On The Block - Never Let You Go

Текст песни New Kids On The Block - Never Let You Go


Close your eyes


Its you and i

Take my hand


That Im your man

If loving you is right I cant go wrong

Girl, weve known each other for so long

Chemistry between us has grown strong

You are the one and only meaning to this song

Gods gift to man is what you are

You make me feel theres no such thing as too far

Forevers just enough time to show you girl

That Im not acting like I know

Ill never let you go


I will never let you

Think that I am someone that Im not

Youre down for me

Im holding on to what Ive got

First impressions work Ive always found

Being with you I know my hearts on solid ground

People say we cant

I know we can

Cant stop it anyway so take my hand

Lets make this something special

I want this to grow

Because of the loyalty you show

Ill never let you go


For too long Ive known

And far too strong Ive grown attached to you

Just call me your own

Everywhere people breaking up

That wont happen to us

Because we were friends before lovers

Ill never let you down girl

Never gonna let you go

Never gonna let you go, oh no


It feels good to see your face

Come have a seat

Sit by the fireplace and

Ill massage your shoulders if they hurt

I can tell by your eyes, a hard day at work

Gods gift to man

Though some might say that

Were too young to understand

But Ive got a firm grip on reality

And you and me is right where I wanna be...

Wrapped in your arms

And you in mine

A love like this is really hard to find

So I wont front and try to play love games

Ill always be the same, wont a damn thing change

You hear me talking?

Trust what Im about--love and understanding

Wont play each other out

You got a feeling that Im doing you low?

Girl its not so

Ill never let you go

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