New Model Army - Fate

Текст песни New Model Army - Fate

I put my hands into the roaring flames
I felt the pain as it started to burn
I've done the same thing over again and again
As if I never ever wanted to learn
Moving through the world at obsession speed
Leave a dust trail crossing the land
I'm crying out in fury to the gods of fate
Come on, get me if you can

I'm a master at the art of how to kill
I've killed the things that I love the best
There's blood on the walls of my home
Patterned with the coward's kiss
And love it is the key that unlocks the door
But you never know what's waiting behind
Crying out in fury to the gods of fate
Come and get me if you can

I'm screaming in the wind, screaming in the rain
Screaming in the face of the storm
Howling in out in the roaring surf

With the waves crashing down into foam
To feel something without a weakness
As She batters me down into the sand
Crying out in fury to the gods of fate
Come on and get me if you can

Now I understand what they told me years ago
How the stakes get higher and higher the further that you go
It's a bad time to look for forgiveness
It's a bad time for searching for home
The Wall came down in a thousand pieces
Now everybody's building their own
Disillusioned little children of the Western World
Time hangs heavy in our hands
We cry out in our fury to the gods of fate
Come on and get us if you can
We're crying out in our pride to the gods of fate
Come on and get us if you can
I'm crying out to the gods who couldn't care less
Come and get me if you can

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