New Order - Bassline - Mantronix

Текст песни New Order - Bassline - Mantronix

[Part 1] where back were fresh and were here to stay so how could you come out and fade away were like the ice into water anda still inch shorter anda how bout are rap its what im bustin like the light were right over easy and white im beging to perform for the ladies in light well its the must soul trust never give me a bust weil make it or brake it like a rime in the bust through the city so quickly so livly and get it the bucher in the country make you beg for pity like the groove man tryin with the real niga gritit come make sweet love write off your


[Part 2] because n is for the man man e is for the an an m is for the ?niner? rpristents south band were the thinker man who makin the stand in this cold hardy world its hard for man the space come a hackin to make it to the second with diffrent types of people most amerikan and latin to hit the tree tops with the sweet street bob agenst the old rime side so dont dare stop with that beat make you whana freak o comon a party people cause its so uniqe cause its the beat im to prapair the ?barbicue? why you studrin why you come for love brothers thats true main e desind to pleze to make the guy say man why ?the girls come see? cause pleze o dont you let i seez cause of you im being true ill never teaze


?well its actuly best? were here to infect with compusishun with ambishin all the point of my check i was out complicadin as sweet as demonstratin got to lazy for my mind ?whos als raising ladys?

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