Newfound Rule - Si-a-rah-nara

Текст песни Newfound Rule - Si-a-rah-nara

©2002 Newfound Rule All Rights Reserved

Si-a-rah-nara sweet goodbye
As I don't know my self to be
Here I am gonna run from my history
Still I am going to fight
Still I am going to hit the wall.

Psych for this darkness Breaking under rock
Is it now my life to break?
Here he has he has to take
As he takes the world right now
As he hits the block.

Si-a-rah-nara breaking under God
And I don't my life to die
Here I know suicide
As he breaks for my good time
Had to right them all
Its not my only good dream as I fight the misery here he comes from chaos yeah I forgot to wake
Break for this chaos under my good dreams
As I don't know my goodness friends
Shes gonna die she can't call her friends
As he fights the bullet
Still he fucks us all.

I say get it all away
I can't pray.

'Bout this day

Si-a-rah-nara, Bitten under God
Wounded came my chaos
I kill us all!

Fight for the chaos
Hear it now and go
Brining all these days
As I fucking grow

After my
Goodbye my dreams.

My only,
True friend.
Fighting for me.
I am not the stronger
Why can't the innocent freedom take me, help me.
For I am dying!
After my doom!
My good-

I fight,
for this last night.
Si-a-rah-nara psych.
Si-ah si-ah si-ah Still I stand alone.
Still you run away!

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