Newsboys - Truth And Consequences

Текст песни Newsboys - Truth And Consequences

Poster child for the Christian single,
Dumped on more than a birdhouse shingle.
Tired of the same old crowd,
She starts to mingle where she don't belong.
All God's bachelors hanging in a bunch,
Wolves in a Wool-lite beat 'em to the punch.
Score another knockout, barely bought her lunch.
What went wrong?

Let's talk about real life,
Truth and consequences,
And coming to our senses,
And lies we'd best unlearn.

Let's talk about real love,
Truth and propaganda.
Are you really gonna stand for,
A love that waits it's turn?

I am the voice of the male agenda,
Sensitive, strong or shy, I tend to,
Act anyway that would possibly send you,
Somewhere we can be alone.

You're so sure I'm a would be Christian,
Suckered by the Untamed Heart condition.
Love that feminine intuition,
Seen that movie, too.

Ok, ok, ok - You got me figured out, I'm a sham.
I never actually studied for the priesthood.
I've had lots of destructive relationships,
And I know I don't deserve someone like you anyway.
It's just there's this strange purity about you,
Almost like a radiance.
Maybe it comes from your religious beliefs I don't know.
I guess what I'm trying to say is,
You're unlike any woman I've ever met.
Is it getting hot in here?
Can I help you with that jacket?

Let's talk about real life,
Let's talk about real love.
Let's talk about real life,
Let's talk about real love.
Let's talk about real life,
Let's talk about real love.
Let's talk about real life,
Let's talk about real, real, real,....

No, no, I know you've got to go...
Oh! No, it's nothing,
I've just got this really bad pain in my neck,
I don't suppose you could just,
Massage it a little,
Could you?

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