Newsboys - Tuning In

Текст песни Newsboys - Tuning In

you may be in london,
waiting on a train
you may be in paris,
dancing on a stage
or shooting the curl in bali or
down south drinking sweet tea
you may be glued to the television
as happy
as larry
you may be a doctor,
giving up the ghost
you may be a short order cook,
fixing grits and toast
whoever you are
let it be
plain too see
it's time to reach for

something higher
everybody hears the need

tuning in around the world
all you boys and all you girls
tune in till ya drown the noise
all you girls and all you boys

tune it in and hum along
let it lift the woebegone

tune it in around the world
all you boys and all you girls

it may be your birthday
or it may be your last
as a kid you couldn't wait to get old
now the year years fly by too fast
whoever you are
let it be plain
to see
no time
no place
nobody but you
will keep you from your

let the truth fill up our lives
let the choir fire up and over
the renewal of our minds is
never over till it's over

and where our treasure is
that's where our hearts will be
so take my will
and set me
tuning into you
tuning outta me

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