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Текст песни Next - I Still Love You Remix (feat. Big Pun)

If you listen to this tape
You'll hear the remixes Next made
Ha ha
Yeah, '98 y'all
RL, Tweety, T-Low
I, ah ah ah ah, I still love you
Destination platinum, baby

[Big Pun]
Next up, yo I believe that's me
Lifestyle espinoza, chance flows up with the first Jahova
The Casinova, the neck brownic like Lex Luger
Me, Lex and Q, we used roll up and jancin over
Now the stretched Testarosa, got an extra sofa
You were always there, had my back
Even before I was the first Latin rapper
To come home with a platinum plaque
I regret her and you pack cuz I want you back
Show a thug some love, baby holler back

From demos to limos, N J 900 to Timbo's
Cable access to Leno, (you stay by my side)
You stay by my side
You kept the faith (get money y'all)
You wouldn't brake (get money y'all)
You kept me safe and held me straight (get money y'all, what)
You're so important in my life

[1] - [Next & Big Pun]
I still love you, babe
Cuz without you there's no me
(Nuttin' but love, nuttin' but love)
I'm still for you, girl
Even though we disagree sometimes
I'll never leave you baby
(Nuttin' but thugs, nuttin' but thugs)
(I'll never leave you baby)
Cuz I realize I need you in my life

[Big Pun]
TS, Next

[2] - Girl, everytime I close my eyes
And every moment that I rise
I don't ever wanna say Good Bye

When in my grave my body lies
I still love you

When you get mad, bus pass for laughs
High rise to plush, this is all we had
That can never change, never (RL, Next, what)
From government askin', to government taxin'
Credit? Forget it
To credit maxin', now we laughin'
Yo, my love will stay the same (uh, what)

[Repeat 1]

[Big Pun]
My material girl in this material world
I've been givin you pearls since you were just a little girl
Shirley Temple, you look so pretty wit yo little dimples
You know your shitty 'mental got u ready to flip your nipples
Why you pierce your nipples? To feel a little independent?
I'm glad you did it, hunny, the money's there
Go head and spend it, you represen'ed since the beginning
So if I cheat on you with other women
I promise to hit da box in 'em

[Repeat 2 to fade]

[Big Pun]
Big Pun, Big Pun, baby
Uh, make it hurt, baby
Make it hurt, baby
Uh, what, uh
Uh, uh, uh
No doubt
Bring it home
Bring it home baby
Every time girl
Every time girl
Uh, nice tonight
I make it hurt baby
I make it hurt baby
Big Pun, baby (I, ah ah ah ah, I still love you)
Big Pun, baby
Uh (I, ah ah ah ah, I still love you)
No doubt
What's Next?
What's Next?

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