Next - Let's Make A Movie

Текст песни Next - Let's Make A Movie

[1] - Baby, let me direct ya
Be the co-star witcha boo
Let's make a movie
It's gonna be me and you
I'm gonna be the camera crew
We could do what you wanna do
Let's make a movie

Dim the lights
Camera, action
Record your rewards of satisfactoin
Let's make a movie
Hey boy, whatchu waitin' for
Go ahead baby, press record
Each scene makes me want you more
Let's make a movie

No acting, girl it's all pure action
My star actress on the mattress
My red light special
Watch the light by the lense
So when record is in that's when we begin, baby

Take one, take two, take three
Zoomin' on what we're doin' when you're on top of me
And lean my chin in, you just might win an emmy
Mamma gimmie, and baby we can

[Repeat 1]

You can be so corney
Cuz girl you got me horney
I'll be Tom Cruise, I'll keep it firm
Superstar, supersperm
No need for a supporting cast
Props be chocolate grass
And your sexy ass (Sexy ass)
Quiet on the set
(Don't say a word)

We ain't even started yet
Better get your ticket

Take four, take five, take six
You wanted your big break
Baby, this is it, oh

[Repeat 1]

Take one, get me on the bed
Take two, in the kitchen instead
Take three, anyway you wanna be
Baby, just say yes

Take four, get me on the floor
Take five, up against the door
Take six, real freaky shit
I'm sure you'll like it

Take seven, back seat on my ride
Take eight, on the grass outside
Take nine, from behind
Take ten, turn on the lights
Take eleven, on top of me
Take twelve, you're tasting me
Now that we're done, baby
Let's watch us on TV

[Repeat 1]

Let me produce ya babe
Let me direct ya babe
I wanna cast you
And let me do your booking too

It's gonna be me and you
I'm gonna be the camera crew

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