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Текст песни Nick Cave - Stagolee (Traditional Version 3)

chorus: Stagolee, Stagolee, he's the meanest man in town
When that boy starts gamblin', better lay your money down
Down in New Orleans where they got that Lyon's Club
Every step you step you're steppin' in Billy de Lyon's blood

I remember one September, on a cold and stormy night
Billy de Lyon and Stagolee, Lord, they had a great big fight
Billy shot a seven, and Stack he said he'd pass
Stack said to Billy de Lyon, Brother,
You done shot your last

The woman asked the sheriff, said How can this be?
You got all them bad men, but you can't get Stagolee
Deputies took their badges and they laid them on the shelf
If you want to get that bad man, you get him by yourself

Now send for the policemen, a hundred thousand come
Loaded down with rifles and a great big Gatling gun
On Friday we condemned him, the judge he lowered his head
On Saturday we hanged him, I was glad to see him dead

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