Nik Kershaw - Billy

Текст песни Nik Kershaw - Billy

Billy is a new man, he does the best he can
to figure out what it's about and what thehell he's meant to be.
He does the right thing when expected, nuff
respect , once in a while he likes a smoke and a joke, just as long as it's P.C.
And he thinks that he cries at the Movies
'Cos he's in touch with his feminine side
Sally wants a proud man
Sally wants a proud man
Sally wants a proud man
But she's taken all his pride

Billy is a new man, at least when she's around,a model father or if needed, he'll
be mother for the day,
He watches Men Behaving Badly though
he'll gladly switch it off if she's offended
he'll pretend it wasn't funny any way
He's got one face he keeps for his woman
And one for when he's out with the guys
Sally wants a true man
Sally wants a true man
Sally wants a true man
But he's living out a lie

Better go and find an analyst, or something
time for sorting out his head
Better go and find a book to read about it
just like his daddy never did

And he reads Marie Claire at the Doctors just
in case there is something he should know

Sally wants a free man

Sally wants a free man
Sally wants a free man
But she will not let him go

Billy is confused, he feels abusive and abused
he's got one hand on an olive branch
the other on his crotch
He drives a sensible coupe, he thinks Oasis
are OK, he drinks non alcoholic lager though
he'd rather drink a scotch

And he tries very hard to be happy but there
are a few little things in the way

Billy wants a good girl and a bad girl and ablonde girl, and a brunette or a Bond girl and
a house maid and a teas maid and a Frenchmaid, yes a sex aid, and a Goddess and aconfidante, a wet nurse and an agony aunt,
a lover, mother, baby sitter, a young girl with a
pretty face and smart but not too smart to love
an arsehole, yeah, an arsehole, Billy wants to be
an arsehole, singin'

Billy wants it all now
Billy wants it all now
Billy wants it all now
But he's too ashamed to say

Sally wants a Superman
Sally wants a Superman
Sally wants a Superman
She hasn't got a chance

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