Nik Kershaw - Gone To Pieces

Текст песни Nik Kershaw - Gone To Pieces

i think i'll call the whole thing off
a joke's a joke, it isn't funny anymore
enough's enough
now i forget what i was fighting for
i played the game
i lost
i even took the blame
i lost
i think i'll change my name
to lost
i'll never be the same anymore
so tell the whole world
i'm not here, i'm somewhere elseand i'm not coming back

cos i'mgone to pieces
out to lunch
gone to pieces
tired of running with the bunch

i'm tired of going to the wall
when i had nothing but the best intentions
i'm sick of answering the call
of alexander graham bell's inventions
i took a gamble every day
i lost
i didn't wanna play
i lost
down each and every by way
i lost
and yes i even did it my way
so tell the whole worldi'm not me i'm someone else
and he's gone with me too.

gone to pieces
out to lunchgone to pieces
tired of running with the bunch
(tired of living punch for punch).

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