Nine Inch Nails - Deep [Tomb Rider OST]

Текст песни Nine Inch Nails - Deep [Tomb Rider OST]

Blank stare
There's a big black hole
Gonna eat me up someday
Someday fades away
Like a memory
Or a place that you'd rather be
Some place lost in space
Itch in my head, that's telling me somewhere
Somewhere out there anywhere
I don't care
Get me out of here

If I could feel
All the pins and the pricks
If you were real
I could take what's apart
And put it back together

This will come true
Help me get through
Into you
Deep [x8]

All I can do
driving me through
Into you
Deep [x8]

One track
Get you on your back
Your skin speaks up,
but your lips couldn't say it
Right now
You know somehow
We could take a chance
We could make it (make it)
Right here
Make it all disappear

Everything we've been missing (missing)
You make me feel
There's a part of me, that I want to get back again

Make this come true
Help me get through
Into you
Deep [x8]

All I can do
Pushing it through
Into you
Deep [x8]

(Into you)

(Into you)

All I can do
Driving on through
Into you
Deep [x8]

You're slipping through
I come into
Into you
Deep [x8]

We could become
Two into one
Leave this behind
Over and done
Everything new
I'm coming through
Into you

(Into you)

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