No Doubt - a little something refreshing

a little something refreshingNo Doubt1:18

Текст песни No Doubt - a little something refreshing

I'm hungry
I'm starving
I want some food for my tummy

I want some
Pizza coke and ice cream
Popcorn cotton candy
Marshmallows milkshake and peanuts
Would be so great
Pies chips candy apples
Twinkies frosted flakes
Donuts french fries
And some chocolate cake with mustard
Cookies avocados pancakes
Pineapple juice
Whipped cream on some raw meat
That's not all I could eat

I'm hungry
I'm starving
I want some food for my tum...

I want some
Honey roasted walnuts
Pepperoni slices
Pasta and burritos
Different kinds of rices
Cherries dipped in chocolate
Cottage cheese and jelly
Colonel sander's chicken
Still won't fill my belly
Broccoli sticky syrup
Churros dipped in sauce
Drippy sloppy joes

Then I'm full at last
Ahhh ahhh
I'm full at last


Paulina - she's on the cover of a magazine

Paulina - a woman in my nightly dreams
Paulina - who makes me grin in any pose
Paulina - I wish she'd take off all her clothes

Paulina - well I stare at her pictures all day long
Paulina - and as I do I sing this song
Paulina - my father says to act my age
Paulina - as I single handedly turn the page

Paulina - well I paste her pictures on the wall
Paulina - sit by the phone and hope she'll call
Paulina - although I know she never will
Paulina - to indulge myself is such a thrill

Paulina - she's the big red apple of my eye
Paulina - I wish she'd lay down by my side
Paulina - but if she ever knew my pursuit
Paulina - she would probably file a huge lawsuit

Yeah yeah oh oh oh oh

Brand new day

At the end of the day you are worn, and too tired to sleep
But then you do dream of wonderful things
That you might do, right on through to the next day

And then you wake up
The sun's on your face
You're stretchin' while you're sayin'
It's a brand new day!

It's a brand new day and the sky is clear
So let's come together, everybody cheer
Come out people from everywhere
Let's see your faces, the day we'll share
Celebrate a brand new day everyday!

Call out to the workers and the children in the schools
It's a day of celebration so put down your tools and
Celebrate a brand new day everyday!

Come see the mountains and come see the shores

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