No Doubt - El Matador

Текст песни No Doubt - El Matador

ANOUNCER: Senors and senoritas
Welcome to the most anticipated bullfight in Spanish history!
Today, El Matador Ricardo will face El Toro the bull
he fiercest meanest beast in all of the land!

MATADOR: El Matador comes out of the dust as the sweet smell of roses
And the foul smell of the bulls fills the air.
Today, El Toro faces Don Presarios...
El Toro the bull does not think a lot of the most beautiful woman in all of Spain.

I am the matador, and I must fight the bull!
For my honor, and for my pride!
It is which I adore, and it's so much more than a job
It's what I live for, it's just a way of life!

ROSALINA: Oh Ricardo, don't you love me anymore?
You cannot fight the bull, for he is fierce and mean.
And he is merciless, he will impale you with his horns.
What about our lives together?


NARRATOR: The buzz of nervous excitement fills the stadium,
As the tension mounts, the crowd rises to their feet. (oh!)

The vendors walk the stands, selling at the top of their lungs:
Popcorn! Peanuts! Nachos! The fight begins...

FIGHT PAUSE: He's got it, he's got it, he's got his pride.
He's got it, he's got it, deep down inside
Come on, Fight! Fight!

NARRATOR: It is over. The fight is done.
But it is not the bull that is the dead one,
Rosalina lies dead of a broken heart.
The bull and the matador together part....

As I left that arena that day, I was quite confused.
I saw the matador and I asked him
'Why did you kill your fiancee?'

MATADOR: I must have done what I have done
Because today's fight was such a bore
I needed to spark up something more...


I am the matador! I am the matador!

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