No Means No - Disappear

Текст песни No Means No - Disappear

nobody has his own place in the back. he keeps it in order, a neat little shack and every day he goes down to the beach looking for a clam or an oyster to eat. he said, i'm not unhappy, there is nothing to fear. i'm just trying to disappear he said, i know what i'm doing, i know who i am. i'm the number one fan of the invisible man he's covered in sweat from his head to his toes but what he's looking for nobody knows. it's not there and it's not here, he said i'm just trying to disappear nobody stood in the middle of the street where he drew a chalk outline around his feet then he smiled and lifted his face to the sky flapping his arms like he was trying to fly. he said, i may not make it to that great beyond but i'll never be found with my feet on the ground. i'm pretty far gone but i'm still here. can nobody help me to disappear? nobody sat on a bench in the park. waiting for the day to turn into dark. then he waved goodbye to the setting sun and did a little dance when the day was done. he said, the shadows loom, it will be night soon. and the stars will shine over a rising moon. i have nothing to lose, i have nothing to fear. i'm just trying to disappear. nobody went for a walk in the rain. i lent him my boots and my walking cane. the cane they found hanging from a tree. but those boots will never walk back to me. he's not far off but he's nowhere near. that's obvious but it's not very clear. nobody talks, nobody hears. he said, i'm just trying to disappear

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