No Means No - Life - Like

Текст песни No Means No - Life - Like

life-like, a place to live and clothes to wear life-like, starting here and ending there life-like, maximising time and space life-like, a happy smile upon my face all this and so much more light floods the open door blood's rushing to my head i'm standing on the edge of life-like crawling up out of the slime life-like, standing in the check out line life-like, eyeing all the pretty girls life-like, dreaming of another world where are my friends today? what games shall we play? in their hearts i can't see nothing looks back at me but life-like life a million souls await the call the call to rise and sing they stand and fall while in the clouds the angels count the myriad things divinity and grace have etched like lines upon the face of god but here it's very odd his miracles abound but they are drowned in the sound of tapping fingers life-like life-like life-like life-like, a face for every double take life-like, the genuine, original fake life-like, in the lies you tell to me life-like, a reasonable facsimile open your hand to me in your palm i can read long life and happiness it's just like all the rest, it's life-like life in the morning i walk beneath a shining sun my steps reverberate in beat with the mutters of humanity those murmurs fill my ears but the voice of god i never hear as i walk along that busy street and though there's nothing left to seek the streaks of the tears upon my cheeks are life-like life-like life-like life-like owhoa, life-like owhoa, life-like owhoa, life-like owhoa, life-like

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