No Means No - The Rape

Текст песни No Means No - The Rape

i've been sentenced to all the things i had to do. and a naked image grew out of my hands. a craftsman without tools, i fashioned these for you. voiceless words and sketches of imaginary lands. always just we two, the hunter and pursued with every step i had you and with every step you flew. i can see the glow begin to fade. i can fell there's trouble to be made. my left leg is numb i can't feel my tongue she cheats me, i know it. i know it, she cheats me sing for us you little shit show us all your dirty tricks for the fever we do long sing that filthy little song. this the rape, the rape, the rape, this is the. i realize now that all my tears have dried all this pain and heartache was just my foolish pride what difference could there be, what significance to me if the moon should fall or if the sun should rise always just we two, bloody red and thoughtful blue. the naked image grew and stood before my eyes. im afraid there's nothing left to say. i can see you turn and walk away. my right side is dead i can't feel my head she cheats me, i know it i know it, she cheats me now we have you, this is fun from yourself you cannot run sing for us that serenade what it's like to be afraid this is the, the rape, the rape, this is the. i walk around like a zombie or a clown my feet are yellow clay my head is talking all the time, every minute, every second or the day my knees are weak my breath, it reeks. my face is lined i have no time my lips are dry they're red, my eyes my palms are wet i can't forget she cheats me, i know it i know it, she cheats me this is the, the rape, the rape, this is the.

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