No Means No - Youth

Текст песни No Means No - Youth

youth, i see in your heart the red blood flows down like a river to the sea it goes youth, i see through all the trouble, the work and pain you laugh like a child in a warm spring rain youth, i see youth, i see from the heavens the moon looks down and the lapping of the tide is the only sound the jungle lurks where the firelights fades the stars are swimming in a moonlit bay women cry in their native tongue singing of the days when they were young hear the black eyed women pray for all their lovers who have sailed away on the altar the incense burns for all the men who will never return youth, i see muscles ripple across your back as you grab the rope and hold it fast youth, i see laughing faces at the end of the day hands that clap as the music plays youth, i see youth, i see see the temple on the hill above a black bird circling a nesting dove see the monks in their crimson robes walking single file down a dusty road in the market the hawkers sing of aromatic spice and copper rings dice are thrown and rattling fall at the feet of the soldiers on an ancient wall and the bones of those who climbed and died lie gleaming in the sand on the other side see all of them dream x) see all of them... youth, i see a clear horizon the colour of lead the sea is green like a blanket spread over thee on the sheltering shore the breezes sing but here the wind like a big bell rings over thee over thee a white-haired king with a withered hand bowed to the youth from a foreign land behind the curtains a young girl sighed basking in the light of his deep, blue eyes the king decreed that the youth should know all the secrets of his treasure trove but never again would he roam free from that kingdom he would never leave the young man looked, the young man learned and never to his home did he return see all of them dream x) see all of them...

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