No Motiv - Get A Life

Текст песни No Motiv - Get A Life

So I've been up all night thinking about the times we've had
Sat up, thought it might be nice for us to have a normal life
Called on me constantly, I never had a chance to see it all
What all is in store for the road life, I guess nothing ever comes for free
And at night I lie alone wishing I could see you
Surprise, you got what you asked for, what do I now have to show for it all?
So wipe all the dismay away, you've got a good thing here
You get to go to New Jersey while I'm stuck fifty years here
Staring out the white van window, dreaming of the deep blue sea
What did I get myself into? what would I just give to see you once more again?

Get a new life, I think you should
Get a new life, cause the one you’ve got now ain’t working out so good.
Now I see the seasons pass by me constantly
With no time to take it all in when you've got a break for just two weeks
Summer's here and soon gone, along with a peaceful sleep indeed
I'll write this sad song the wrong way and leave out the happy ending
Six more weeks till we're one again, it seems I'll never get there
The advice that I have to offer? I’m alive and that's all that matters to me now

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