No Preservatives - Bad Breakup

Текст песни No Preservatives - Bad Breakup

sitting here in my room all alone, waiting on my bed by the phone.
i wait and wait but the phone won't seem to ring, my bodies numb and i can't feel a thing.
cream of the crop and top of the class, and then theres me just another jack ass.
i never thought that you'd go for a guy like me, risking your friends and your popularity.

i looked into her eyes, i thought she was the one,
the time we spent together, we always had so much fun,
best thing that ever happened to me, i never thought it would end,
until i found out, that you were fucking my best friend.

everything was all just a lie, i try to yell but my throat is all dry.
you always wanted me to bring him on our dates, i guess he's why you always showed up late.
and what the fuck i thought you were my friend, fuck you all you won't see me again.
i'm gonna leave and i'm never coming back, i never thought that you'd stab me in the back.

driving in my car all alone, searching for a place to call home,
westward on i'm headed for the coast, and some might say that i'm chasing a ghost.
my best friend and the girl i love the most, hope you have fun but don't expect a post.

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