No Preservatives - Best Friends

Текст песни No Preservatives - Best Friends

when i went to find myself i regret the direction i chose,
everyone always asks the questions but no one seems to know.
the answers to the questions are they stuck inside our minds,
searching for a person who's not selfish cold or blind.
i racked my memory for some truth but truth was left behind,
it crumbled down along with novelty eventually through time.
we wait and hope and maybe there's still something to fight for,
but years pass by and we slowly die and death knocks at my door.

we used to be the very best of friends,
you said friends will last forever though our roads may bend.
so things changed and all in all we grew apart,
they said you died of suicide but i blame a broken heart.

another friend stabs me in the back unintentionally,
a victim of a broken system and society.
i wonder if i'm flying blind right into a cliff,
strumming on my guitar playing one more riff.

fulfil our needs with mediocrity and its how we'll live our lives,
and it when it bites you in the ass you'll all act stupefied.
come on children lets all go and follow the leader,
bow down and obey to the so called superior,
listen to their wrong and narrow-minded points of view,
let the politicians tell us what to say and/or do.

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