No Question - Gauntlet

Текст песни No Question - Gauntlet


Face go get 'em daddy

(Yo, what up?)
Uh (Ya, ya, ya)
Yo, you motherfuckers stupid for fucking with Face
Didn't somebody warn you about my high anxiety traits
I been waitin' for somethin' said
I'll bust open your head
Push on ya to crush both of your legs
I ain't even got it though but I steal it for that go
Cause nothing bothers me more then some of these fucking assholes
I use to hate life, wait I still hate this
I wake up in the morning feeling anxious to break shit
Who's talking my name?
Don't make me get in a fowl mood
Put you in deep shit like you stepping in cow poo
Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Face I reside in BK
I talk that shit cause the world I know is hella cold, got a work through the struggle of each day
So if there's a problem ladies and gents
You guaranteed I'll be there fully loaded in defend

A-yo, it's like this
When they say Face and Who back together fucking with each other
We look at 'em like "yeah, no question"

Yo Guesswho, set it off son

You a dumb motherfucker trying to bobble with Guess
Your boys all reach got phenomenal flex
You ain't Rowdy Rowdy, gettin Raw on deck
I'm on point guard swinging like Ron Artest
Guess who's been at, it's me bitches
I'm all grown up like the lack on deep dishes
On the job with Face in the place time to renovate
Get a while, who wanna rumble with the Renegades
Who want what? Haha, I ain't think so
Pussy like a bitch in the club tryna get low
See me out 'cha window, run and get your kinfo
Got Monster Men, make 'em spin like Lorenzo
Cause he a Simpson, don't start no trouble
A he could get duffed like Barney Gumble
Me I never trip, let it rip off the one time
Queue 'em up in a row, hit 'em with the punchline

Yo, y'all little bitches must have sand in your vagina
Cause you really actin' all tangled up on the tarck
Comin' up to me and actin' like they friends with your hands out
All of a sudden you have a knife in my back
Ruin this on some bullshit yo
Listen, I'm a take 'em, crucify these little bitches next time I see 'em
I keep a pipe bitch

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