No Question - How You Like It

Текст песни No Question - How You Like It


(unh! tell me how you like it baby) with the lights on, or the lights off

(tell me what you want) how you like your lovin, in the light or in the dark?

(I got it right here, how you like it how you like it, what you want baby)

With the lights on, or the light s off

How you like your loving? do you like it rough or like it soft?

(how you like it how you like it)

Verse 1

When the lights are bright, there is no mystery

Im looking you in your eyes, while your on top of me

There are no secrets here, I can see everything

Each way your body turns, you can see the joy it brings

Were making love eye to eye, dont want to even blink

Dont want to miss nothing, I wants some total sync

You watch me in submission, I finally submit

Just tell me what you want,and I will commit


Verse 2

When the lights are low, I feel this chemistry

I feel your every move, and feel your fantasies

With every kiss you give, I taste whats on your mind

Your looking for the treasure, just seek and you shall find

Were in a universe, that we can call our own

The moon and stars around us, in this erotic zone

I sense your sweating sexy, queen of my throne

Which way you want it baby with the lights off or on?



I like to love you when the rain is coming down

(dripping wet on top of us, thunder roll and your felling my touch)

It doesnt matter, long as I hear the sound

(slip-n-slide natures fly tell me what you want so you can be satisfied)

Chorus till end

Do you want me like I want you

Let me tease you want to please you

Let me tease you want to please you

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