No Use For A Name - Feilds Of Agony(Acoustic)

Текст песни No Use For A Name - Feilds Of Agony(Acoustic)

How many people, how many have died?
I'm feeling lucky and afraid at the same time
How many times have you sat home and wondered why?
We always hear about the U.S.A. but not the other side
In fields of agony everybody dies
How many humans, how many does it take?
We get a cedar box they get a body rake
How many lives will it take before we can end this war?
Bring Johnny home soon he forgot what it was that they
were fighting for...In fields of agony

(Stupid comments from a Bush supporter)

I don't want to die or be sent home on a cargo plane
A tag on my toe without my name because I'm one of a million
A million
How many weapons, how many do we need?
What about the economy, what about the economy?
You'll be the hero at the end of your catastrophe
It can be stopped with unity with collaboration of
you and me...and human fields of agony...

(George Bush being an idiot and stating that iraq has WMD)

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