No Use For A Name - Let Me Down

Let Me DownNo Use For A Name2:56

Текст песни No Use For A Name - Let Me Down

She's never alone, because she's scared of what she might say to herself
Always drinking in the backroom of the bar where everyone turns in
A half-hearted grin

She wont be afraid as long as that prescription keeps on going through
And all the happy pills make hr look like cardboard cut out of
someone, I used to learn from

But on the phone, she's telling everyone
That there was a blue sky, she left behind
And there's a place that no one knows about
Away from integrity she writes a book in her head that nobody will read

Whatever you say, please don't talk about the time when she was young

Apparently that was a different person and so long ago it's strange to
me, there's no history

But there's a past and she's telling everyone
It must be a garden that wouldn't grow
With roots of shame , too sensitive to blame herself as we watch he
drown, I can't save the queen without a kingdom or a crown

Somewhere in this lonely game of sypmathy there is a selfish dream
That makes me sick
Standing on the high-wire while you're on the ground
To you what is dangerous is safe and sound..... You let me down

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