No Use For A Name - Weirdo

Текст песни No Use For A Name - Weirdo

It's 2:37 pm I want to go to the store to buy some sunflower seeds
in case I got nothing to do tonight
I like kids
So I'm walking to the store and the neighbor's kid runs into me with a tricycle
After I kicked the brat off the bike
I walk into a pile of shit
After that I hit my head on a stop sign
so I cross the street and stumble into the store
I feel like shit, I live in a ditch.
My life is hell; my house smells
It's 3:14 as I get into the store
Walking down the frozen food section I touch the frozen burritos
I pass the deli department

and put my fingers in some free sample cheese dip
I finally see the sunflower seed aisle
There it is. The gleamy view
My savory nighttime entertainment
He never has any friends
He doesn't care about what happens
If you see him walking down the street
then hide your kids and toss the key
There is a guy they call him the weirdo
He went to the store to buy sunflower seeds
I know a guy and they call him the weirdo
He doesn't care about you or me!

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