Noa - Armageddon

Текст песни Noa - Armageddon

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah let's get it (x3)
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
I got a hard beat to rap to
Bitch, its the rapture
I don't think they factor in the fact that I'm a master
These dime a dozen rappers think they gettin' what they after
Knowledge is my power and I'm tryin' to teach these bastards
How to live it
I'm livid
I think they see me lifted
I'm far beyond committed
And I'm so beyond this bitch shit
I'm gifted
I'm mean I'm good
I mean I'm twisted
I mean I twist it
I mean I'm blowin' up my district
Where the fuck you livin', huh?
I'm a good cat turned hood rat and i affirm my craft like roger that
(roger that)
I'm a commandant
All you privates out to fuck my fam
Where you at i got you shittin' underpants

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah let's get it (x4)

Look at em tryin' to catch the train, Amtrak
My forty acres wit a mule I demand that
Slavin' for so long I deserve to get my land back
If it wasn't mine I'mma take it and won't hand it back
Ransackin' my bedroom bout to blow up like a land mine
Ran track for that cash flow makin bread on my deadline
I should see some fed time for killin' all these lames
Shittin' on my enemies, make em feel the pain
Say I'm outta my brain? nah
I'm stuck on my pivot
Servin' food for thought and these dishes be exquisite

You don't realize who you dealin' with
A pair of young entrepreneurs who spit the realest shit
I pull the plug out, and make the game restart
Lyrically I drop a hot deuce while your brain fart
No mistake I make em see that Lo' and Noa great
Cause 2 B Determined predetermined to leave no debate

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah let's get it

They say that practice makes perfect?
Well I must be perfect
Cause I been puttin' in them hours like I must deserve it
Its like I'm pushin' pounds out the block the way I serve it
Its like I'm pullin' gats out the way I make em nervous

Tryin' to be observant? better make a purchase
Cause I leave em worthless with my verses
Like it's my only purpose
And curse the day that I change up
The whole world will flip upside down and it'll rain up

Pay up
Its insane how we weigh up
Breakin' bones with these flows gettin' they pain up
Came up
In this game make no mistake I spit the flames but
Deranged is the way of these lame fucks

And its a shame cause I just broke the framin'
And I ain't even out the same door I came in
And when the story's said and told its amazin'
Cause I leave the glory like the roof, shit is blazin'

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