Noa - Red Dot Music

Текст песни Noa - Red Dot Music

Aimin' down the barrel of a .45
Point it at your family call it mortified
Should've had your headquarters fortified
I'm takin' heads off now they horrified
Thinkin' I won't pull this trigga?
Bitch you must be snortin' lines
I'm a prophet mother fucka call me Mordecai
Tried to buy a quarter, I was short a dime
So I sent the mother fucka up to soar the sky
I told em I was gonna get it, swore to God
But now I'm out for vengeance I want more this time
Got em on the hit list. got it organized
Couple goons ready to die so I got it formalized
Bitch you can't touch me
Told me hurry with the hits I said bitch don't rush me
Push me mother fucker I said tempt me I'm itchin' to send the huskies
But look I got the people hands up to show they love me
Liftin' up the colt and I'm on top like Tony Dungy
Better fall back when I ransack and I take ya money
And take over this whole industry
But it won't mean nothing
If I bust a rhyme and get your shoulders dusty
Don't I really get under ya skin tho?
Burnin' up the sheet whenever I put my pen low
Rhymin' like a fiend on the benzos
Shootin' for the dream of burnin' out in an Enzo (Enzo)
I'm not even at my peak yet

Let's reset
Preachin' to the choir and I ain't even a priest yet
Standin' with this mic and I ain't even take a seat yet
Fuck what ya heard about ya boy I'm just a prefect
Effect caused me to defect
Out to get the message out but now I'm bout the precept
Educated by the streets yes
But a reject
No where to go but the spot all of these rejects respect
Top of the game
If he was here now would Pac be the same?
How many shots would remain
How many cops have we slain
How many miles have we crossed to get the spots out our name
If I took this spot would hip hop be the same?
Huh? nah
I don't think it would, but I surely would
Use my talent for meaning and something good
Either that or do the devils work, I'm so misunderstood
But I guess that's my calling since the day that I stood
Up and took a stand for somethin'
I ain't become a man for nothin'
All the sacrifice I feel like the man is comin
Man i must be buggin'
One time for the money though
Red dot on the speaker bumpin' on the stereo

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