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Текст песни Nocturne - Pride Must Be Sacrificed (P.M.S.)

My last wish,
To never fall again
Was shunned to the fullest extent
I wasn't meant for this
It wasn't supposed to go this far
And now I've reached the end
My last wish
Was made but no one heard the cry
Or was it not sincere enough?
One last fear
Drips down from my head
And mixes with the tears

(A lifetime of pain
Is what I'm destined for)

I am sinking
The truth is bleeding
Night is falling
And I am begging for more

Finished with life
See the choice you've made

The future is bright
With anger's lust parade
You never stopped
To question why
The world had turned away
This was your mistake

I am falling
The world is dying
My life is missing
And you are bathed in sin

The controlling nature of chemicals
Is testing all things practical
I'm losing touch with my autonomy
And falling to dependency

Time is changing
Now transforming
Into nothing
And I am on my knees

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